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"Freedom is from within" Frank Lloyd Wright

Freemover wants to express visual happenings through graphic, product
and colour design. The P
roducts interaction with one another and the
environment is, according to us, an important part of its d
esign. We want
to look beyond the thing itself and what it does in its space and in r
to its surroundings. Our aim is to create simple but "outstanding" pro

that can last for a long time in the view of our eyes. Grace, simplicity,
proportions, quality and pr
oduction, the way we see it, are keywords. We

believe lack of perfection can add personality to products. We like adding
mor and a sense of self irony in or in what we do. As with all creative

outcomes of human minds also freemover's is a result of society,
surrounding in
spiration, personal history and taste. We want to express
what we 
find is beautiful and personal in our eyes. Freemover is Swedish
yet inspirations have come from many parts of the world. Freemover is

grateful to be creating for people, wherever they may be, that appreciate
our design. We believe that taste is personal and never right or wrong.
mo's, founder Sven Lundh wisely expressed that " good design

should stand the tearing of the eye". What "good design" is, however,
we w
ill leave to individuals to decide. To consume artefacts is, according to
freemover, a was
te of time and doesn't lead anywhere. However,
appreciating w
hat you find beautiful and adding memories to the things
that you like creates inner contentment. Our a
im is therefore to express
things that we find beautiful and sets the mind free so it can last for ma

future memories.

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